Biography of the founder of the College

History is not the creation of great personalities alone but at the same time it can be said that history can take shape without them either. This is particularly true in case of the founder of this education centre in the dusty tiny village named Sarurpur Khurd. The founder of this college hon’ble, late Sri. Kripa Ram was born on 5 th January in farmer family in a small village Dhadra, Distt. Meerut in U.P. He joined primary school of his village. After passing five year course he joined his school in 6 th class at Meerut and passed high school from NAS College , Meerut. Then he joined Govt. Ag. College Kanpur & passed B.Sc.Ag. with Ist Div. In 1945 he obtained Govt. service and become senior marketing inspector but the atmosphere there was not congenial to his taste so he resigned and joined a noble profession – teaching at Kisan Inter College Madhi (Meeurt). But his destination was awaiting him at Sarurpur Khurd where a Junior High School was running in bad shape. He became head Master of the school in 1954. Here he spared no pains & consume every calorie of his energy to develop this institution. Despite, his illness and weak physical condition he ignored all personal comfort & visited remote villages at early dawn throughout the year on bicycle and collected the donation from poor peasants. With in period of 12 years the school became full fledged intermediate college in 1968. By this time the idea of upgrading this intermediate college came in his mind and started to raise the funds for the achievement of his goal. The year of 1982 was a milestone in the history of this area as Sanjay Gandhi Degree College came into existence.

The age when most people seek comfort of quiet and retired life he showed tremendous energy and almost inexhaustible capacity for the development of this college in this present form. Everything was going on very well but the fatal day 21 st April 1999 the Devine will of the providence was fulfilled. The soul had set out for its eternal journey from this world to the kingdom of God .